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Amethyst - February Birthstone

Amethyst - February Birthstone

The meaning of this semi-precious violet crystal is one of healing and inspiration. It has the power to relieve stress, insomnia and anxiety and to boost your immune system and balance out your hormones. The name of this stone stems from ametusthos, Greek for ‘not intoxicated’. The Ancient Greeks wore amethyst as they believed the stone could stimulate sobriety and prevent drunkenness!

AQUAMARINE - March Birthstone

Aquamarine - March Birthstone

Stemming from the word aqua marinus, Latin for ‘water of the sea’, this light-blue gemstone was considered in ancient lore to be treasured by mermaids and to provide luck and offer protection to sailors. It is believed to regulate hormones, stimulate growth and to aid breathing. Aquamarine is also highly healing and can balance emotions and provide peace.


Aqua Chalcedony

The name for this soft and milky blue stone is said to originate from the port city of Chalcedon in Greece. The stone has the power to enable the nurturing of close friends and family and is healing of the heart and sadness. It is also highly fortuitous and provides peace and balance in everyday life.

Blue CHALCEDONY Gemstone

Blue Chalcedony

The stone is said to deflect evil spirits and to equalise your body, spirit and mind. Blue Chalcedony is also highly healing and calming. It is believed that Cicero, the great Roman leader, wore this stone around his neck.



This beautiful apple green stone is said to be healing of the heart and anxiety and to promote happiness, joy and forgiveness. The stone is also said to enable the attraction of prosperity as well as new love.

CITRINE - November Birthstone

Citrine - November Birthstone

This vibrant yellow stone, said to originate from Madagascar, is a promoter of self-confidence and a booster of self-esteem. It also imparts joy, increases prosperity and enhances concentration.

EMERALD - May Birthstone

Emerald - May Birthstone

Along with Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire, this radiant blue-green stone is a “precious” gemstone and is one of wisdom as well as a promoter of patience, inspiration and friendship.

GARNET - January Birthstone

Garnet - January Birthstone

Deriving from the Latin word for ‘pomegranate’ this gemstone is thought to have the power to rejuvenate, re-energise and to instore harmony and peace. The stone is also thought to represent love and to bring prosperity.


LapiZ Lazuli

This mystical deep blue stone was believed in Ancient Egyptian times to provide wisdom. The stone is thought to have healing powers such as lowering your blood pressure and preventing insomnia. Besides physical healing, Lapiz Lazuli is believed to encourage the truth and provide you with courage to express yourself.



This swirly green mineral is named after the Greek word for ‘soft’ and is thought to instil balance in your mental and physical life. The stone helps to lower your blood pressure, soothe anxiety and is said to give you the courage to break free from negative cycles in your life.

MOONSTONE - June Birthstone

Moonstone - June Birthstone

This milky and opalescent stone resembles the moon and originates from Sri Lanka and India. It is believed that the stone has a feminine energy that is nourishing, calming and can offer protection. This mysterious stone was believed by the ancient Romans and the Greeks to be created from the moon itself!



This mineral was first identified way back in 77 A.D. Found in various countries, such as Mexico, India and Madagascar, this stone made up of various bands of colour, has the power to offer fierce strength and willpower but also protection.



These lustrous and iridescent gems were, according to one legend, created from the tears of Eve when she was banished from the Garden of Eden. Pearls have the properties to heal and to balance, as well as to encourage us to be introspective and to discover who we are and what our purpose is.

PERIDOT - August Birthstone

Peridot - August Birthstone

This twinkling green gemstone was once believed to deflect spirits of evil. The Peridot is synonymous with physical health and is said to aid rejuvenation of the skin. This is also a great stone for balancing your moods and emotions and giving you the courage to break from negative energy cycles in everyday life.


Pink Chalcedony

This soft pink crystal was once used by Native American Indians in spiritual ceremonies, as it was considered to be sacred. The stone is said to promote the nurturing of bodily, mental and spiritual energy, and to encourage feelings of inner harmony and empathy towards others.


Rose Quartz

Derived from the Greek word for ‘Glass’ and for her shade of pale pink, this quartz represents all types of love, from romantic love towards a deeper love between friends and family and also love of self. This quartz is also known to help aid the strengthening of our circulatory system and heart, such as helping to heal high blood pressure.

RUBY - July Birthstone

Ruby - July Birthstone

This opulent and rich red stone is abundant with energy. The red colour of this stone is considered within Chinese culture as being highly lucky. This stone is said to be able to aid conflict, by promoting open conversation, as well as to encourage strength and provide protection from negative energies.

SAPPHIRE - September Birthstone

Sapphire - September Birthstone

A promoter of wisdom and encourager of focus, the name of this stone stems from the Latin, Greek and French word for blue stone. This stone does , however, come in many more colours besides blue, such as green, black and purple. Sapphires are also said to heal and provide clarity in complicated and confusing situations.


Smoky Quartz

In certain European countries as well as in Scotland, the name for this quartz is ‘Morion’, which is said to stem from moreau, meaning ‘black’ in French. The dark crystal is said to promote feminine energy and to remove negative energy. It is also said to be able to prevent rush reactions to certain situations, by balancing and calming you and providing you with greater insight and intelligence.

TOPAZ - December Birthstone

Topaz - December Birthstone

This stone, which comes in a variety of different forms and hues, is said to have originated from Topazos, an Egyptian Island which is found in the Red Sea. The Topaz is believed to manifest self-confidence, and to inspire visualisation and creativity. This stone is also a promoter of healing and empathy, helping you to radiate warmth to loved ones around you.

PINK TOURMALINE - October Birthstone

Pink Tourmaline - October Birthstone

This beautiful mineral was the favourite of the last Empress of Cina, Empress Dowager Tz’u Hsi who bought vast quantities of it from a mine in San Diego. Pink Tourmaline has the power to calm and to heal emotional pain and suffering. The stone is also believed to carry the virtues of friendship and unconditional love.



This striking blue-green stone was once kept in amulets to be used for protection. Turquoise encourages communication, is a promoter of wisdom and is an effective stone for dispelling negativity. Europe was originally introduced to Turquoise by Iran, and it has been highly prized and used in jewellery ever since.

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