Size Guide

Ring Size Guide:

Finger Circumference mm
Diameter of Ring mm
48 15.3 48  I
50 15.9 50 K
51.9 16.5 52 L/M
54.4 17.3 54 N
56.3 17.9 56 P
57.6 18.8 58 Q
60.2 19.0 60 S
62.1 19.8 62 T/U
64 20.3 64 V

Order a Ring Sizer

Option 1 - Measure an existing ring: 

    Identify the finger for your new ring

   Find your favourite ring which fits best on this finger

   Measure the inside diameter of the ring in mm

Use the ring size guide to compare your measurements and locate your ring size.

Option 2 - Measure your finger:

        Identify the finger for your new ring
Find a piece of string or a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your finger

  Mark where the piece of string or paper meet together with a pen

   Find a ruler and measure the length

Use the ring size guide to compare your measurements and locate your ring size.

A few tips when measuring:

  • Measure your ring size when your hands are warm, as your hands can change size as their temperature changes 
  • Your fingers are typically at their biggest at the end of the day, so this is the best time to measure your ring size 
  • Your fingers can get slightly larger after salt and alcohol – so it’s best not to find your ring size after a night out! 
  • Your dominant hand often has slightly bigger fingers 
  • Purchase the larger ring size if your size is in the middle of two sizes 
  • Think about the design of the ring, a thick band will feel tighter than a thin band so you may want to go a whole size up!
  • Remember it will need to fit over your knuckle!

Necklace size guide: 

This image portrays where our chains and necklaces will hang. Most of our necklaces are adjustable from 40cm, 43cm and 45cm. Some are from 45cm, 50cm and 55cm. This means that by adjusting the clasp, you can choose the perfect length for your outfit!

If it isn’t quite right please email us at and we would happily exchange. There is a £5 handling fee for exchanges. 


The KK Zaza Bracelets

Some of our bracelets can be tightened with the ball clip to fit snugly on your wrist while others have the option to be adjusted to three different settings so they can sit loosely or be slightly tighter depending on what the wearer prefers.

Brighton Bracelets

These can be adjusted from 10-22cm

Hepburn Bracelets

These can be adjusted to be worn at 16cm, 17.5cm or 19cm