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Our Story

Memara is a contemporary British jewellery brand that elevates your everyday. Dreamt up on a bicycle ride through Rajasthan, the label was launched in 2019, with the aim to create beautiful, timeless yet affordable demi-fine pieces that enhance your being. The eclectic collection draws inspiration from founder Abby Kaye’s past experience and travels through India and her love of colour and texture within the natural world.

Abby's love affair with India began in her early twenties. After years of late nights working in TV production, she hatched a plan to drive there with her now-husband. The pair bought an old Land Rover ambulance, painted it bright yellow and took maintenance classes in the evenings. Threading through Eastern Europe then Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, up to the Hindu Kush, along the Silk Road and down the length of India via Amritsar, their trip culminated in the launch of Abby’s first business, importing vintage Indian furniture. The gamble paid off and she sourced hand-selected wares for seven years, only stopping when she fell pregnant with her first daughter, aptly named after India. 

After almost twenty years away, Abby returned for a friend’s birthday and was reinvigorated by the atmosphere and craftsmanship. With the help of a group of skilled artisans based in Jaipur, the brand was born. The name ‘Memara’ – a blend of the Punjabi for ‘beautiful’ and Middle English for ‘keepsake’ – pays homage to its roots in two cultures. Abby’s belief in the talismanic and restorative power of jewellery is central to her designs. From mesmeric turning rings ideal for restless hands to delicate necklaces embellished with semi-precious gemstones, pieces are made to be treasured forever and lent with love. 

Now young adults themselves, Abby’s daughters’ distinctive personalities also influence Memara’s designs. The result is a collection that encourages self-expression and freedom with pieces that can be mixed and matched harmoniously to reflect the individual. With its chunky rings, dainty chains and edgy yet ethereal earrings, Memara’s collection celebrates diversity… customise it to forge your identity.

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Our necklaces and pendants fall within three lengths. Most designs are adjustable, with extender links that can be used to fasten in multiple positions.


Size guide:

necklace size guide

Size guide

ring size guide
Order a ring sizer


option-1: step 1 Identify the finger for your new ring. option-1: step 2 Find your favourite ring which fits best on this finger. option-1: step 3 Measure the inside diameter of the ring in mm.

Use the ring size guide to compare your measurements and locate your ring size.


option-2: step 1 Identify the finger for your new ring Find a piece of string or a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. option-1: step 2 Mark where the piece of string or paper meet together with a pen. option-2: step 3 Find a ruler and measure the length.

Use the ring size guide to compare your measurements and locate your ring size.

A few tips when measuring:

  • Measure your ring size when your hands are warm, as your hands can change size as their temperature changes
  • Your fingers are typically at their biggest at the end of the day, so this is the best time to measure your ring size
  • Your fingers can get slightly larger after salt and alcohol – so it’s best not to find your ring size after a night out!
  • get slightly larger after salt and alcohol – so it’s best not to find your ring size after a night out! Your dominant hand often has slightly bigger fingers
  • Purchase the larger ring size if your size is in the middle of two sizes
  • Think about the design of the ring, a thick band will feel tighter than a thin band so you may want to go a whole size up!
  • Remember it will need to fit over your knuckle!